Release of investigation into shooting of Avsec dog

07 Mar 2018

The Aviation Security Service (Avsec) has made a number of changes to procedures following the death of explosives detector dog Grizz in 2017

Commenting on the release of an independent report into the shooting of an Avsec dog at Auckland airport last year, Avsec General Manager Mark Wheeler says:

“In this case all reasonable steps were taken to capture the explosive detector dog ‘Grizz’ in the early hours of Friday March 17 2017.”

“Reading the report (by independent barrister Andrew Scott-Howman) I am encouraged to see the great lengths people and agencies involved went to in trying to capture our Avsec explosive detector dog.

"Unfortunately the report also reveals that inconsistencies in procedures and processes across the agencies involved hindered the capture attempts on the day.

“I commissioned this report to objectively reflect all the activities that took place on 17 March with a desire to have a holistic view and to assess what has taken place since.

“I am satisfied that there was not a single individual responsible for what happened - rather a series of events led to this unfortunate outcome. A number of weaknesses in our own procedures and in other areas were highlighted in the report and I am pleased to say significant changes have since taken place as a direct result of the regrettable shooting of our working dog, Grizz.”

Read the redacted (for privacy and security) report


Avsec media contact:

Mike Richards, Manager Communications and Safety Promotion
04 560 9577