Quality management philosophy

The quality management philosophy is a significant driver of Avsec’s business.  It is a culture and principle that is embedded in the way we conduct our business, our approach to aviation security, staff training and our operational policies and procedures. Reflecting our commitment to quality management, Avsec has:

  • Certification to ISO 9001:2008 (the first aviation security organisation to achieve this standard);
  • Full internal audit capability within the organisation, both at national and regional level;
  • Developed an exposition document (Policy and Procedures Manual), which meets CAR140 requirements and is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority;
  • Established systems for reviewing and amending procedures; and
  • A Quality Council, which consists of Avsec’s Executive Management team and Senior Operations Managers.

Avsec’s quality management policies and procedures are under constant review and are tested on a continuous basis against well-defined and measurable performance measures.

The organisation’s quality management is also subject to an intensive annual recurrent audit regime, both internally and externally.  Each airport location that Avsec operates from is subject to annual quality audits and each national management function is subject to an annual internal audit.  These audits are also supplemented by the monthly audits undertaken by Regional Quality Officers at each airport location.  External audits of airport locations and key aviation security processes are also undertaken on a recurrent basis by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Avsec is also subject to an annual surveillance audit against the International Standards Organisation (ISO) specifications and regularly participates on teams undertaking ICAO Universal Audits of other countries' aviation regimes.  In addition, Avsec continues to provide assistance in the development of quality systems and training in the South Pacific to ensure those nations can enhance their quality management and audit capability.