News and media releases

Aviation Security Service Funding Review 2018/19

15 Aug 2018

The Authority has been reviewing Aviation Security Service (Avsec)’s cost recovery framework. The purpose of this principles-based review is to revisit whether the existing cost recovery framework is still fit to fund Avsec to deliver its statutory functions. This review considers who should pay for these functions, how should those parties pay and...

Holidays Act remediation

8 Aug 2018

In July 2016 the Aviation Security Service became aware that it may not have been applying the Holidays Act 2003 correctly in a limited range of situations.

This is an issue that has affected large numbers of employers as you may be aware from media coverage last year.

Since becoming aware of the potential issue, we have undertaken a thorough rev...

Avsec donates woollen clothing

31 Jul 2018

New Zealand’s Aviation Security Service (‘Avsec’) and the Department of Corrections are thrilled that woollen jumpers and vests previously part of Avsec’s uniform will go to people in need this winter.

Avsec’s Wellington team has donated over 200 items to Kiwi Community Assistance (KCA), a charity that rescues surplus goods and distributes them to...

Travelling with Sikh kirpans

12 Mar 2018

Sikh kirpans with blades up to 6cm (not 6 inches) are allowed on flights within and departing New Zealand.

To the Sikhs, the kirpan is a blessing from the Guru and holds very high spiritual significance. In accordance with New Zealand regulations related to blades, kirpans are allowed on board flights within or departing New Zealand.

If the Kirpa...

Power bank catches fire on China flight

26 Feb 2018

A recent incident on a China Southern Airlines flight serves as a useful reminder to travellers about why they must heed the advice and instructions of officials at the airport.

Travellers should also check aviation security and airline websites.

Passengers on the flight from Guangzhou to Shanghai on Sunday (February 25) had to disembark when a p...

Fly smart this summer

22 Dec 2016

New Zealand’s Aviation Security Service (Avsec) General Manager Mark Wheeler is encouraging air travellers to pack smart this summer.

Avsec is the agency responsible for security screening travellers, aircrew, and airport workers in New Zealand.

“This will be our busiest ever summer. I’m asking travellers to help themselves and each other, to mak...

Protect your bag with a TSA recognised lock

14 Nov 2016

To keep you safe, Aviation Security screens checked and carry-on baggage going on the plane. 

Screening is done by x-ray but a bag may need to be opened and searched if something comes up on the x-ray that has to be checked. 

It could be your bag. 

If you want to lock your bag, we recommend you use a ‘TSA Recognised’ lock. Our security officers...

Aussie’s top dogs to begin explosive detection work at NZ airports

19 Oct 2016

The Aviation Security Service (‘Avsec’) is proud to officially welcome three new dogs into its explosive detector dog (EDD) unit, working to protect our nation’s airports and skies.

The dogs last week graduated as fully trained explosive detector dogs in a ceremony at the NZ Police Dog Training Centre in Upper Hutt, taking Avsec up to a total of 2...