Holidays Act remediation

8 Aug 2018

In July 2016 the Aviation Security Service became aware that it may not have been applying the Holidays Act 2003 correctly in a limited range of situations.

This is an issue that has affected large numbers of employers as you may be aware from media coverage last year.

Since becoming aware of the potential issue, we have undertaken a thorough review of our processes and will shortly commence the process of determining the impact the issues identified have had on individual salary payments.

We are now focused on obtaining up-to-date contact details of any past employees who may have been impacted by these errors.

If you are a past employee of Avsec and were employed on or after 28 July 2010 please complete the form below (with the requested supporting documents) and return it to us at

This will enable us contact you once we have identified whether you were, in fact, impacted by these errors or not. As I am sure you will appreciate, the task of reviewing and recalculating salary payments for all current and past employees over the last seven and a half years is a large, complex and time consuming process. We expect to be in a position to do this in approximately six months.

If you are in contact with former colleagues who were also employed over the same period, please ask them to visit this website and provide their contact details also.

Holidays Act Remediation form (PDF)

Note: You need to save a copy of this form to your desktop, and once completed, email it as an attachment along with the other forms required to